Irrefutable Proof: Michelle Obama is a Transsexual

Hat-tip Vimeo Accnt: Castle Jennifer Bassett

Readers arriving here during 8 May 2014 will have been met with a YouTube “deletion notice”. So in response I updated this post to reconnect to Castle Jennifer Bassett’s Vimeo version. And on 12 July 2016, I added the three images you can now view below (scroll). 

Help spread the word! Download a copy of this video from Vimeo [] and do your bit to foil all attempts by the Brit-Homo-Rothschild-Cabal to censor the truth, and thereby keep the wraps on their ugly schemes and numerous financial frauds.

This video essentially proves the United States of America’s “First Lady” … is in fact Amerika’s First Queen.

Michelle, aka Michael Obama caught scratching her balls

‘Michelle’ Obama is a sex-change male, and this Blogger believes the (genetic) evidence presented in this excellent video essentially proves the claim (as far as it can be proven without DNA samples).

The two daughters (who carry no genetic resemblance to either of their alleged parents) must have been adopted. Some have claimed Morocco is the true home of both Sasha and Malia. Ergo, they must have been coached (by politically linked experts) to behave according to the ongoing political script. Although as these two physically attractive girls both grow into full adulthood, that childhood brainwashing may actually begin to unravel.

Malia Obama sexually attractive
Malia is growing into a hottie! Check out photos online that show her gorgeous long legs and smooth posterior.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It has long been asserted that POTUS Barack Obama (or whatever his real name is) is a practising homosexual, with a known membership of “Man’s Country” … an infamous, “up-market” Gay Club in Chicago.

Putin vs Obama montage_01


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Welcome to the bizarre world of The Matrix! If true, then this simple charade demonstrates how easily many millions of people, dispersed over seven continents, can be duped by those “puppet masters” who currently preside over all so-called ‘Western’ nations. If you can imagine a nation of more than 320-million persons tolerating an artificially created, Mass Media inflated, homosexual “Empty Suit” half-black Muslim as their President … for a full 8 years! … then you will enjoy this short video:

Update yourself (about Michelle Obama … oops,  I mean Michael Robinson) by visiting this follow-on post.







  1. The slideshow and comments about the young Obama’s is not needed and inappropriate. Not a fan of the Soros puppet Obama, but the pictures and comments on his daughter’s appearance have crossed the “creepy” threshold.

    • I disagree. As I think would most others. The inclusion of information (including images already in the public domain) of both Sasha and Malia in this blog-site are perfectly legitimate, appropriate, and required.

      Furthermore, I personally find Malia physically attractive. She’s got lots of sex appeal. She reminds me of an Ethiopian girlfriend I once had while living in the UAE. So any photos of her (at the magical age she is currently at) should hopefully serve as pleasant distraction for other readers to admire … in addition to offering angles of thought directly related to Barack and Michael’s true relationship.

      I don’t accept for one minute that you truly believe their inclusion here has crossed the “creepy” threshold. It is quite possible you are simply using that as an excuse to “gas-light” other readers.

      Most normal people would conclude it is far creepier to have an Indonesian posing as an American Citizen in order to get elected as a US President. And many times “creepier” to have a transsexual (Michael) occupying the position of “First Lady” in the White House for 8 years.

      Both Sasha and Malia are part of the larger Obama Deception, and are therefore an integral part of any proper investigation into his true background (vis-a-vis his nationality, education, AND history as a known homosexual) … and obviously they will both automatically become an integral part of any medical investigation into Michelle/Michael’s true genetic (gender) identity.

      While I understand where you are coming from … nonetheless … the short comment of yours (M.W.) I am replying to here provides a good example of the type of mess society falls into when the “new cultural normal” is built upon Moral Relativity.

      We can’t pick and choose, according to our own biased whim, what is “creepy” or not, while ignoring those far “creepier” arrangements that (and individuals who) are standing right next to what we wish others to focus their attention upon.

      Without the recognition and acceptance of universal moral standards, public discourse will always trend towards the petty and irrelevant.

      Otherwise I appreciate your viewpoints, and thank you for taking time to post your Comment here at Loquendo Laxe. I trust you will eventually receive your requested response from the Commenter you’ve named in your other post, which I have just approved.

      And don’t worry. The existing comment dialogue (the entire thread) will be left on-line for as long as necessary.

    • Dingbats? Birther “crap”? My, my, we are getting very emotional aren’t we!

      Without trying to emulate a noisy schoolboy, are YOU able to offer any hard evidence Obama was indeed born on American soil?

      Do you realize that Obama has already been shown to be a total fraud (and a rabid homosexual) multiple times over?

      But you won’t accept that hard evidence. Your weak brain does not have the ability or horsepower to process evidence properly.

      So why would anyone take your feelings seriously if you automatically think everyone who thinks contrary to you is a “dingbat” … whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

      Maybe your biggest problem is that you are not only misinformed about the realities of complex geopolitical game-playing … but that you are also very immature?

      The only people who still think that Obama creature was a genuine and appropriate candidate for the White House are trusting idiots, hardcore Communists, Chicago ‘Jews’, or those paid to troll stupid comments on Blog Forums, etc. using false names.

      Obama’s Birth Certificate and his Columbia University history are both frauds. They are as fake as his Chick-with-a-dick Male Partner called “Michelle”.

      Realities that go a long way to explain why all his official documentation had to be sealed and locked away, or destroyed. There’s still a chance Obama will be arrested and charged with treason … or worse.


    • Can you propose a legitimate reason for the sealing and secrecy regarding Obama’s birth certificate, college years and financial issues in regards to who paid for his education? The records and files related to his associate professorship are also “unavailable”. If these records are that inflammatory, I see all the more reason to open them up to the public, especially since he has finished his term in the White House. Do you agree. Please keep the comments and discussion related to former President Obama and the points mentioned.

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