Irrefutable Proof: Both The Williams ‘Sisters’ Are Transsexuals

15 July 2015 ♦ New follow-up post here:


Hat-tip YouTube Accnt: CastleJen Bassett

A Brief Reality Check

It is a safe bet that the Venus and Serena Williams conspiracy has also been sustained by Corporations eager to profit from the artificial ‘spicing’ of women’s tennis.

How else could equal prize money at major international tennis tournaments be justified? Higher prize money attracts greedier sponsors, who then have a vested interest in “talking up” otherwise lame womens’ tournaments.

Most heterosexual men would likely admit to losing interest in major womens’ tennis tournaments, such as Wimbledon and Melbourne, after the quarter finals have been completed. Why? Well by that stage, the sexiest (most appealing) ladies have usually been eliminated by the broad-shoulders crowd. The one exception being the Russian beauty: Maria Sharapova.

Equal Pay For Unequal Effort

In 2006 the Wimbledon women’s champion was the rather butch looking French-woman, Amelie Mauresmo. Her financial reward was £30,000 less than that given her co-champion, Roger Federer: £625,000 versus £655,000.

Against growing ideological opposition, the All England Club had previously justified this differential by pointing out the women’s tournament comprised of “best-of-three-set” matches while the men had best-of-five contests.

This undated article by the online magazine, Feminspire, includes a breathless and illogical announcement:

In 2007 … women’s sport took a great leap forward when the winners of both the men’s and women’s Wimbledon championships, Roger Federer and Venus Williams, were awarded equal prize money for the first time.

Thus Billie Jean King’s passionate campaigning was rewarded. She proclaimed: “Women’s tennis is the leader in women’s sports. Equal prize money is a no-brainer.” Really? Or does making decisions without a brain amount to little more than emotional blackmail?

And never overlook the politics involved here. In 2006 Britain’s then Prime Minister, the closet-sodomizing Tony Blair, and the so-called “Culture Secretary” Tessa Jowell, had joined the Lawn Tennis Association (governing body of British tennis), and the Women’s Tennis Association (rulers of the women’s game worldwide) to call for an end to … “the inequality”.

Inequality? Aaagh, so back we go to the central and bogus tenets of Cultural Marxism then.

The great and comical irony, which we all have opportunity to see very clearly now, is that in 2007 both of Wimbledon’s Singles Championships were actually won by genetic males. It just so happens that one of them clearly possesses breasts induced by hormone injections, and surgically altered male genitals. 

Some of those closely involved in that equalizing decision must have long known both Venus and Serena Williams were in fact transsexuals.

Williams Sisters looking positively scary

What Might The Medium Term Consequences Be?

Of course, a mind-weary and immoral public may choose to simply laugh off this entire matter. Never mind eh? There are far more important issues tormenting our societies today.

Yes, I can see some logic in that standpoint. But on the other hand, this entire Williams Sisters’ Hoax touches the very core of our problems today. Its iconography represents a node point for those tracking back to the source of our Cultural Marxist malaise.

As consumers of sports entertainment, many people have been cheated out of hard earned money (entrance tickets, sponsorship payments, etc.). Many millions more have been made complete fools of: believing they were watching females prevail whenever Serena or Venus lifted yet another trophy.

Genuine professionals, such as Maria Sharapova have every justification for seeking the best legal advice money can buy. That poor lady’s tennis career has been blighted by having to repeatedly compete against two males in almost every tournament she engaged in. And of course there are at least 20 other professionals on the women’s circuit who should also be encouraged to sue for damages and professional losses.

When this reality has finally sunk-in to the public mind, there is going to be a very strong reaction. First of incredulous disbelief, and then of anger over being so roundly duped.

And for those still paying subscriptions to any mainstream news outlet … television or print … why do you have to be so naive and gullible?

wtafinals.com_2014-10-20 Spot the Male

Note The Iconography

Serena Williams has, during his faux professional career in women’s tennis, accumulated huge sums in prize money and sponsorship deals. The accumulated earnings of Serena’s brother ‘Venus’ must be comparable.

The Communists and Talmudists who have long dominated or controlled all ‘Western’ nations (certainly since 1945) would have doubtless been in orgasmic raptures seeing a black ‘female” (especially an artificially created one) dominating a sport traditionally considered a ‘White’ enclave.

Serena’s 1999 singles victory at the U.S. Open made ‘her’ only the second black ‘woman’ ever to win a Grand Slam title; Althea Gibson (1927–2003) was the first.

Serena’s brother, Venus, has been an equally commanding player on the women’s circuit. Both brothers spent several years at the top of the women’s world tennis rankings; both reaching the number-one position in 2002.

By the summer of 2004, Serena Williams had already won six Grand Slam singles titles as well as numerous doubles titles, including a gold medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He won the Olympic Singles Gold Medal at the London 2012 competition (defeating the always delectable Maria Sharapova).

Serena Williams is the only “female tennis player” to have won over $50-million in prize money. Much of that should now be returned to ticket-buying tournament attendees as it was gained through blatant fraud. Her Wikipedia page offers a tidy summary of her career history and tournament titles.

wtatennis Sponsors as listed on website_2014-10-20
Typical corporate sponsors for all major WTA tournaments.

Enough Is Enough

Their Olympic titles (Doubles & Singles Gold) should be erased, and the medals returned to the IOC in shame, accompanied by a written apology (to be made public). The International Olympic Committee is head-quartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The tennis coaches for both Serena and Venus must have known they were standing next to transsexuals on the tennis court. It isn’t that difficult to make out a male attempting to be a female. Eventually, the evidence leaks out; especially when you are in regular and “close proximity”.

The Lawn Tennis Association, the International Olympic Committee, and a gaggle of other incompetent organizations are all culpable to a lesser or greater degree. They have facilitated an international fraud, either through negligence or by “turning a blind eye”.

In some cases they have knowingly conspired to manipulate public perception in order to maintain the pretence of the Williams Sisters being ‘female’. They have demonstrated utter contempt for the very people they were set up to serve: the public audiences that make such tournaments possible.

For the IOC, this entire issue is especially serious as they routinely organize and supervise gender testing for most participating female athletes. So surely we are now entitled to ask just how Serena managed to escaped detection during the 2012 Olympic Games?!

Organizers of professional women’s tennis should have begun applying the same precautions to international tennis when Billy Jean King was still serving Aces on court.


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I Cannot Make You See What You Are Not Ready To See

This is my modest contribution to a debate that has not yet gone mainstream, but may do so at any moment. Only indignant and determined public pressure will finally bring those results and retributions a thoroughly corrupted western culture now deserves.

Hindsight suggests the West became captive to a malignant and perverse force during the 1945-50 period: the very period US Dollar Hegemony, the birth of Third World Immigration into the Western World, the United Nations, and the “State of Israel” were all established. It has been downhill ever since. Two black transsexuals dominating modern women’s tennis for over a decade is just a symptom, not the cause.

My sincere appreciations must again go to Ms. Castle-Jen Basset (and her Husband) for selflessly producing two powerful video testimonies in the pursuit of truth, dignity, and justice for all.

– § –

Update Thursday 17th July 2014:

From the press photo below, if you fail to confirm with your own eyes that ‘Serena’ Williams is in fact a genetic male, then your perception processes have been seriously damaged.

I would also politely suggest that you are especially vulnerable to being totally manipulated by those controlling the “Western World’s” mass media, the new “Social Media” idiocy, and any crack-brained new religion ‘they’ may have in the wings, waiting to be launched.

Serena Williams, Wimbledon Doubles, 2014_Telegraph
Hold down CTL key while left-clicking on pic, to visit original Telegraph article.


Yes, we can all feel sorry for ‘Serena’ … and for ‘Venus’ too. But enough is enough!

If we fail to put an end to this very ugly circus then our world will degenerate further until it becomes so distorted the sky will be pronounced green, the grass blue … while all babies are henceforth conceived and born within Corporate Owned / State sanctioned laboratory farms using test tubes, plastic hoses, and a Monsanto concoction dubbed “Mother’s milk”.






  1. how could we let men compete with women, in this case females never had a chance and that sucks. it is called discrimination

  2. Can someone sue Serena Williams for the lie and deception of her pregnancy? Tranny women can’t get pregnant but she posted several photos like she was having a baby. Total lies to the public!

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