Real Black Women vs. ‘Serena’ Williams

This is how normal, real, ‘black’ females look … soft and sexy! Just like women the world over are meant to look:

And because our culture has been producing feeble-minded people for longer than we are prepared to admit, there is no shortage of deluded individuals willing to believe whatever they are told to believe. Yes indeed; tens-of-millions have somehow kidded themselves into accepting what the mass-media keeps calling “Amerika’s very own, and lovely Serena” (or words to that effect).

And this is how ARTIFICIAL (i.e., engineered) black ‘females’ look:

serena-williams - the man (85% Qual)

Williams Sisters Gender Fraud

In a perfect world most people would be grown-up enough to realize when they’ve been well and truly duped. Mmm, yes I realize that’s a largely unrealistic expectation in the present narcissistic climate. But, we do need to set our sights quite a bit higher than the gutter they are currently scraping along in these oh-so-strange times.

You know it, and I know it … that grunting and hyper-aggressive tennis player repeatedly introduced to the public as “Serena Williams” is clearly a MALE … but a male who has been abused, since early childhood, with gender-changing hormones such that since puberty he she has possessed most of the key (simplistic) features of the female form. Enough to conjure up total dominance of Women’s International Tennis. But surely that was the goal from the very beginning?


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Those managing her him are guilty of international fraud. In a law-based world they now need to be arrested, and charged accordingly.

And what about the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA)? Have they made themselves criminally culpable yet? It is your public duty to speak out if you believe they have!

Revealing contradiction: international athletics has applied hormone tests to suspect ‘female’ athletes for many years. So why has the WTA steadfastly refused to adopt a similar vetting policy?

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