Unusual Tropical Fruits

This is arguably one of the most enjoyable & uplifting, hour-long videos you are ever going to watch for free. Kudos to all those involved in its creation!

Botanical Explorers: The Fruitful Forest (Full Movie) from Anthony B. Rodriguez on Vimeo.

There are over 20,000 Species of Edible plants on the planet, but Humans use only about 20 Species to provide 90% for our food. So why do we Utilize so little when there is so much?

Joseph Simcox, a passion driven Food Plant Ecologist has traveled to over 100 countries, finding, documenting & eating all the plants we don’t use. From the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea To the vast deserts of Namibia Africa, he sheds light on the extraordinary wonders of the edible plant world.

In this Film Joe meets up with his brother Patrick Simcox in Peru and their support team, before venturing deep into the Amazon Jungle to document, eat, and shed light on just a small fraction of some the most amazing things nature has to offer. You’ve got to watch this fun video just to share a piece of their amazing adventure!

For more Botanical Info visit: explorewithjoseph.com


Shot & Edited By: Anthony B. Rodriguez
For more video stuff: AnthonyBRodriguez.com

Intro- 00:00
Room Of Rare Seeds- 02:34
Flight To The Amazon- 04:25
Iquitos Belen Market- 05:51
Meeting Our Jungle Guide- 14:36
Journey Down River- 16:09
Home in the jungle- 18:52
Off To Find Fruits- 21:35
Forest Destruction- 23:23
Deep Into The Jungle- 24:17
Where Are The Fruits?- 30:21
Eating Giant Grubs- 35:13
Medicinal Plants- 40:13
Village Visit- 48:11
Delicious Garcinia- 55:29
Whats The Overall Goal?- 58:52
Outro- 59:50
Credits- 01:02:12


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